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Business management system by Boss software solutions is everything that your business needs in one system – POS, CRM and ERP and a perfect link to E-Commerce sites.
Boss is the only system that increases your profitability:
improves operational efficiency,
reduces expenses,
and also increases revenues through accurate customer and product management.

Finally a system that will help you instead of working against you
One system, unites the best of all ERP/CRM/POS/E-Commerce worlds
A simple and intuitive user experience, fast and simple On-Boarding for new users. Saves time in performing complex tasks and offers management, sales and customer service operations in a convenient and efficient manner. An advanced technological interface that provides real-time data and simple operation for complex tasks.
All the elements for managing the business in one place (All-In-One). Fast and efficient points of sale (POS), effective customer relationship management (CRM), advanced process management (ERP), connection to electronic commerce sites (E-Commerce), deliveries management , sending SMS messages, WhatsApp, IP telephone exchanges, advanced information analysis tools (BI, AI), task management system, notes, diary, reports, employee permissions, time clock and all this accompanied by a professional support team that ensures efficient and correct use of the system. User experience is Simple and intuitive, fast and simple On-Boarding for new users, saves time in performing complex tasks and offers management, sales and customer service operations in a convenient and efficient manner. An advanced technological interface that provides real-time data and simple operation for complex tasks.
The perfect solution at any stage and at any size, whether at the initial stage of building a new business, a growing business, transitioning to the cloud, establishing sales channels on e-commerce sites to established businesses and companies. From a small business with one employee to the management of an entire network, without limitation of employees, cash registers, branches, companies and franchisees. A system that allows you to grow and expand without limitations
Tec Leading
Breaking through real-time cloud technology. No synchronizations, no remote takeover, a combination of the applicative power in advanced cloud technology. Response speed that leaves dust for all competitors. Hosting on servers with the highest information security. Continuous development, releasing versions as often as possible. The quality of the development teams, support and service at global standards.
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No long implementation time, no crazy adjustment costs, a real-time, efficient, fast and powerful system
Supplier management
Supplier management have never been easier!
The delivery system
Have you ever seen a delivery system that looks this good? probably not!
Customer card
Our customer card allows you to give personal attention and a quick response on any issue!
Control panel
The control panel concentrates all the information you need in one simple place
Cash register
An organized and intuitive checkout that knows how to generate the required reference automatically!
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Customers are satisfied and supportive of us and the system

About 17 years ago we started working with Boss and we want to thank you for your excellent service, listening, developments and your amazing product. You are a great team! Keep it up! Many thanks from the entire Pet Planet team.

Ronen mirkov from Pet planet

To the Boss team, thank you for listening, thank you for the solutions, thank you for your professionalism and thank you for not losing your patience. you guys are great!

Bero yosi - CEO of Hai bar

We, the Milav association, a municipal corporation of the Haifa municipality, strongly recommend Boss Software Solutions. The company provides high quality solutions and provides an extensive response. Excels in creating innovative and user-friendly solutions that meet the specific needs of the client. The service is professional, courteous, fast and always available.

Michal mesika from Milav association

Store owners, Boss's software is just for you, it is user-friendly, convenient for the business in terms of producing reports, profit calculations and helps to run better, In addition, I own an online store and the boss made sure to link my software and the website so that they would work in sync, which made it very easy for me in terms of stocks, orders from the website that go smoothly, I started the process a little before the war and even thought that some of them were drafted into the reserves. as soon as it was possible we completed the process. In short, beyond the good software, the human material and the service is what bought me. highly recommend!

Zack ben shushan from Bonanza

I highly recommend Boss's team, they provide quality service, Always available to fix any problem. They helped me a lot in the setup process and in the integration of the system with the website. Any problem that came up, they came up with the developer of my website if necessary and solved the problem. I really feel that I am in good hands and there is someone who takes care of all the technical aspects of the system.

Or from Paw Pet
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